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So, what is a SlingShot Card?

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Let us tell you what the hype is all about. A SlingShot Card is the ultimate Earth-friendly greeting card that is not only reusable, but also trackable.

REUSE IT!  The cards are professionally printed on FSC certified and recycled cardstock using soy based inks, then individually hand finished with the signtaure SlingShot on the inside.  The SlingShot strings are made of a natural hemp fibre and hold your personal keepsake greeting in the card. The insert is kept by the card's recipient, and a new insert is added when the card is reused. For free printable greetings see our Greetings Page.

TRACK IT!   Each SlingShot Card has it own unique tracking number on the back of the card. When you receive a SlingShot Card, just go to the tracking page and enter this number. If you have a new card, you will be the first to enter the card details, such as your location, the occasion, etc. You can then follow this card once you reuse and see how far it goes. If your card has been previously used and entered, you will simply enter your own details as you like, then follow it and see how far it goes. Bet you didn't know reusing a card could be this much fun! 

Why buy a SlingShot Card?

More and more people are becoming concerned about our environment and the effect that our high-paced, high consumption lifestyle is having on it. The more we educate ourselves about it, the more we understand that our individual choices do have a big impact. For example, did you know that in North America alone, we purchase over 7.7 BILLION greeting cards every year! That's 128,000 tons of paper, or more than 3 million trees! 

We have the power to change that. Right here. Right now.

Our goal at SlingShot Cards is to have each card reused 20 times, thus reducing our North American number down to 150,000 trees. If we make sure our greeting cards contain some post-consumer fibre (i.e. recycled content), as SlingShot Cards do, then we are reducing our impact by that percentage as well.

When you choose SlingShot Cards, you'll know that you are doing your part to protect our environment.

So come and have a look at our card selection and be part of the New Generation of greeting card users!