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"As a military wife, I am proud to invest my energy, emotions, resources and finances into supporting Slingshot Cards and their Project Awareness campaign. I feel strongly that supporting our men and women overseas is extremely important and applaud all of the children at George Bissett School for their dedication to our troops. "    ~Vanessa Roman, Real Estate Agent and Project Awareness Sponsor, (902) 401-7615

Have a look at the fun they had, and some of the great messages that were sent.  They're right here

What Project Awareness is: 

http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/awareness/Qoy%201.jpgSlingShot Cards runs a program called Project Awareness.  Our goal is to promote awareness of the work being done by our servicemen and women, and to express our gratitude.  To achieve this goal, we are working with local schools, and donating cards to entire classes, thereby giving each student in the selected class an opportunity to write/draw  their own personal message to a soldier.  We take care of the rest of the work by checking each card into our tracking network, stuffing envelopes and sending the cards to various overseas operations.

The uniqueness of a SlingShot Card lends an added bonus to this project.  This means that each soldier now has their own greeting card that can be used at their leisure, simply by replacing the insert with their own greeting and passing it on.  And when the receiving soldier checks their card into the SlingShot network, the cards can be tracked, and the children will be thrilled to see that their cards were received, and to see where they go!

Follow the cards as they get checked in by the soldiers!  They're all here.





Past Project Awareness Participants:

George Bissett Elementary School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Ms Geldart's grade Primary class at George Bissett Elementary were our first eager participants in this great project.  They drew and colored and wrote messages on both sides of their greeting inserts!  Check out some of their great work:

http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/Project%20Awareness/Dakota%201.jpg     http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/Project%20Awareness/Amy.jpg     http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/Project%20Awareness/Emily%201.jpg     http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/Project%20Awareness/GBSkidspicsm.jpg

Caldwell Road Elementary School, Dartmouth, NS

Mrs LeClaire's grade 5 class at Caldwell Road Elementary participated in the Project and had lots of fun, so much fun that they got together and made a little thank you poster for the SlingShot Team.  Check out the poster here, as well as some of their beautiful greetings to the soldiers.

http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/Project%20Awareness/CRS%20thankyou.jpg     http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/Project%20Awareness/CRSinsert.jpg     http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/Project%20Awareness/Kenzieinsert.jpg     http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/Project%20Awareness/5_2.jpg



Joseph Giles Elementary School, Dartmouth, NS

Ms Myketyn's grade 5/6 class at Joseph Giles elementary school impressed us with their knowledge of geography and politics, as they so very quietly wrote away.  Their messages are filled with gratitude and questions, lots of questions.  We look forward to hearing back from our soldiers when the cards are received.

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