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We've taken greeting cards to a whole new level!  Never before have you been able to purchase an eco-friendly greeting card that keeps on giving.  SlingShot Cards can be Reused, Tracked, and completely personalized.  Choose a card, choose a greeting (or create your own greeting), check in your card and track its journey.

http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/pick%20out%20a%20card.jpg http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/pick%20out%20both.jpg http://www.slingshotcards.com/images/pick%20out%20a%20greeting.jpg






So, what is a SlingShot Card?  Find out more about our one-of-a-kind, patent-pending, Reusable & Trackable greeting card.

Why buy a SlingShot CardYou might be shocked to find out how many greeting cards are sold in Canada & the US every year!  But now it's easier than ever to make a better choice, with an environmental difference you can actually measure!


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